Say Hello to an Incredible new Profit Centre

The original Incredible Ice Cream Bar

Two Bars – One Great Product

This is Incredible!

Serving ice cream from a van or trike is a bit, well, boring. Not to mention that most soft-serve ice cream served from these vendors is cheap and pretty nasty stuff, and consumers know it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’ve got a high-footfall location that would benefit from serving delicious ice cream as a superb new profit centre, then Incredible Ice Cream have just what you’re looking for.

It’s ice cream. But Incredible!

Two Types of Bar

Whatever your venue, we have the perfect bar for you.

Our full-size original bar is a 3m long, 2.5m high show-stopper. It has stage presence and consumers are drawn to its drama, soon queuing to taste the delicious offering.

Our all-new mobile bar is built for businesses who you want to move the bar to several different locations throughout the day. Its electric motors allow a single operator to easily drive it indoors or out, following the crowd. 

It has been designed to drive through standard doorways and can be up and serving in its new location in minutes.

Incredible Ice Cream

Our ice cream is, even if we say so ourselves, gorgeous.

100% dairy. Madagascan vanilla. No weird products or stabilisers, no “whippy” air injected into it to make it go further.

We’re proud of our ice cream and our customers absolutely love it. And we only do one flavour – the king of ice cream flavours – delicious, creamy, gorgeous vanilla!

But the ice cream is anything but plain. Customers get to pimp it up as much as they like with sauces, sprinkles and Flakes as they journey down the theatrical flank of the bar, making something that is completely personal to their taste.

The Large Incredible Ice Cream Bar

The full-size static bar. At 3 metres long, it cannot be ignored!

The small Incredible Ice Cream Bar

Half the size and motorised. The mobile bar can go anywhere!

The Business Case


If you have a high-footfall venue with a high proportion of families, ice cream is a great product to sell. Popular all year round, Incredible Ice Cream is easy to vend, has an impressive profit margin, is easy to manage and is a unique and attention-grabbing point of sales.

  • Ice Cream is getting more popular. 2019 saw record-breaking ice cream sales in the UK.
  • 60% of adults eat ice cream at least once a week!
  • 95% of people say they eat ice cream regularly in the spring and summer.
  • 83% say they also eat ice cream regularly in the autumn and winter too!
  • In 2018, more than 500 million litres of ice cream were consumed in the UK.
  • That’s 100 million litres more than the Italians!

Ask for a Demo


Don’t take our word for it, ask us for a demo. We can come to your venue or site and demonstrate that your customers will spend more with you when you have an Incredible Ice Cream bar on site!

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