Why Should Work feel like Work?

Be the Boss!

There’s nothing better than working for yourself. Work the hours  you want, taste the fruits of your own success. Keep your own profits.

And what better way to work for yourself than in the high-margin world of sunshine and ice cream?

With margins of up to 200%, an Incredible Ice Cream franchise is a great way to get your business up and running. With events all year around, from weddings to street fairs, small festivals, private and corporate parties, the party continues all year round.

A Unique Opportunity

  • It’s not a van and it’s not a trike. Nothing else in the ice cream events market looks or works like an Incredible Ice Cream Bar.

  • Its stunning design attracts customers to form queues, eager to buy from you.

  • For 15 years, Incredible Ice Cream has been wowing crowds at events the length and breadth of the country.

  • Our ice cream is truly incredible. You can be proud to serve an extremely high quality product which puts other soft-serve ice creams to shame.

  • How much can you earn? We can’t make promises or predictions, but depending on how many events you attend anything up to £100,000 is possible.

Two Incredible Bars

You can choose whether to have one of our show-stealing full-size bars, or our new super-cute ultra-mobile bar. Whichever you choose you’ll be serving the best ice cream your customers have ever tasted!

The full-size bar is a 3 metre long show-stopper! Wherever it goes, the crowds gather because they’ve never seen anything quite like it. Suitable for events where access is good, it can be setup in less than an hour but requires a bit of muscle!

Our brand new mobile bar is half the size and electrically driven, meaning it can power itself around a venue following the crowds! Easily handled by a single operator, the diminutive size doesn’t detract from its showbizability, lighting up at night and pleasing the crowds.

The Large Incredible Ice Cream Bar
The small Incredible Ice Cream Bar

Two Bars, One Adventure!

Whichever bar is at the event, the customer’s experience is theatrical as they get to customise their ice cream in a journey down the bar.

That journey starts at the ice cream machine on the left where they choose to have their ice cream in a cone or a cup. Then they get to the sauce fountains, choosing between two flavours and start pimping their creation.

Next come the sprinkles – bubblegum, hundreds & thousands, caramel crunch or popping candy being some of the most popular choices, before finally they get to add a Cadbury’s Flake, grab a napkin and head off to enjoy their Incredible Ice Cream.


Not Just for Kids!

Kids love ice cream. And so do adults, it’s just they don’t admit it so easily!

Kids drag adults over to the bar, drawn in by the colourful, fun bar looking like something out of Charlie’s chocolate factory. The draw is irresistible and before you know it, the whole family is busy choosing their toppings and eagerly waiting for you to pour.

While kids aren’t shy about coming forward, adults find our bars just as tantalising and queues quickly form wherever we go. In fact, when competing with vans and trikes at public events, we comfortably outsell them even at a higher price point!

Who Are Your Customers?

Nearly every day of the year there are thousands of events around the country suitable for Incredible Ice Cream.

Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, fairs, street pitches, markets, tourist attractions, holiday resorts, shopping malls and soft-play centres are just some of the natural all-year-round habitats for an Incredible Ice Cream bar.

  • Ice Cream is getting more popular. 2019 saw record-breaking ice cream sales in the UK.
  • 60% of adults eat ice cream at least once a week!
  • 95% of people say they eat ice cream regularly in the spring and summer.
  • 83% say they also eat ice cream regularly in the autumn and winter too!
  • In 2018, more than 500 million litres of ice cream were consumed in the UK.
  • That’s 100 million litres more than the Italians!

What Does it Cost?

A franchise costs £24,000 + VAT and you may qualify for a non-secured Government Business Startup Loan to cover the whole cost. That means you can spread the cost of your franchise over five years and receive business mentoring, without any risk if things go wrong.

In return for your franchise fee you will receive your choice of mobile or static bar, a state-of-the-art soft-serve ice cream machine, uniforms, full training, and your first £1,000 worth of consumables.

You can literally go to your first event on the day you get your bar!

There’s never been a better time to start your own business and there’s never been a better time to get into the high-margin business of ice cream.


What Can I Earn?

We don’t make guarantees because so much depends on you, and what you can bring to your business, but if you’re a self-starter, full-time, motivated and you’re great with the public then earnings can be as high as six figures.

You will do a mixture of private and public events, benefitting from the security of pre-booked, pre-paid, events and the riskier “Sky’s The Limit” potential of public events where you sell ice cream as a cash business.

Incredible Ice Cream is a scaleable business – you can multiply the number of bars you own and attend multiple events on the same day, earning multiple revenues as a result.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch now and let’s make your future Incredible!



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