Make your Event Incredible with an Incredible Ice Cream Bar!

Whatever your event, inside or out, summer or winter, we have an Incredible Ice Cream bar ready to bring some delicious magic to your guests

The Large Incredible Ice Cream Bar

Incredible Ice Cream bars are a fantastic way to bring some magic and theatre to your event. Our bars are a talking point, grabbing the attention of adults and children alike to come over and try some of the most Incredible Ice Cream they’ve ever tasted!

Incredible Ice Cream Logo


The NEW Mobile Incredible Ice Cream Bar

Our most versatile Incredible Ice Cream Bar yet!

With electricly driven wheels, our new Mobile Bar can drive for up to an hour, going from place to place serving our delicious ice cream wherever it goes!

With the ice cream machine lowered into the body it easily drives through standard doorways and over grass and gravel, before hydraulically lifting the machine back up for service.

Now you can take Incredible Ice Cream anywhere!

What Makes our Ice Cream Incredible?

Our ice cream is 100% dairy with Madagascan vanilla. We’re often told it’s the most delicious vanilla ice cream in the world!

But it’s not just about how great our ice cream is – our bars are interactive crowd pleasers too!

Your guests get to journey along the bar adding their choices of chocolate, strawberry or salted caramel sauce and a range of crunchy toppings from bubblegum flavour to popping candy, pimping it to their exact taste for a truly Incredible Ice Cream.

And of course, you get to smash a genuine Cadbury’s Flake into it too!